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Costa Mesa Car Glass has served customers in the Costa Mesa and surrounding areas for more than 15 years. During our time in business we have seen just about every auto glass Costa Mesa repair or replacement need that you can think of to include damage suffered from golf balls, vandalism, thievery, and even locking one’s keys in the vehicle. No matter what the cause of the glass damage was; however, one common thread is that until you get the glass replaced, your vehicle will be unsecure and less safe. No one wants to put themselves or their auto passengers at greater risk in the event of a horrible car accident, so it is critical to not delay getting an auto glass repair service accomplished as soon as possible after you notice there has been damage to your vehicles glass.

Since no one plans on suffering car or truck glass damage, the team at Costa Mesa Car Glass knows what an interruption to your busy life having to get repair services scheduled can be. As a result, our company deploys mobile repair teams at no extra charge to our customers to conduct their work at a place convenient to you. Our goal is to make your experience with our company as convenient and cost effective as possible. We leverage our numerous contacts that we have made over the years of being in business to help our company keep costs down for our customers.

We will also never use anything less than manufacturer approved materials when it comes to repairing or replacing the auto glass on your vehicle. This helps ensure a consistent quality standard when it comes to customer safety, and our technicians are always happy to point out how you can tell that the glass is the right type for your auto once we are at the job site for your automobile. Please feel free to call our office during normal business hours for any questions that you might have regarding our highly rated auto glass services. Our staff will always be happy to talk shop with you when it comes to your vehicle and getting a windshield replacement service done today. We also have a company policy to always provide you with a free estimate on our work, so we look forward to your phone call today.

(949) 207-3235